Discover Matmata: A Fascinating Berber Village and an Iconic Star Wars Location.

le lieux de tournage de star wars a matmata en tunisie

Located in the heart of Dahar, Matmata is an enchanting Berber village that combines tradition, history, and international fame. Its troglodyte houses, breathtaking landscapes, and association with the Star Wars saga make it a must-visit destination during your stay in Djerba.

Matmata: A Troglodyte Village with Spectacular Landscapes

At first glance, Matmata captivates with its troglodyte houses. These unique dwellings, carved into the earth, showcase a traditional architecture that seamlessly blends into the landscape. Explore the secrets of these houses and immerse yourself in the traditional way of life of Matmata’s inhabitants. The surrounding landscapes, dominated by the Dahar Mountains and vast arid plains, add a spectacular touch to the overall experience.

An Immersion in Berber Culture

Matmata is steeped in Berber history and culture. Its inhabitants perpetuate age-old traditions and preserve a way of life deeply rooted in the land and customs. Meet the Berbers of Matmata, experience their warm hospitality, and explore their traditional craftsmanship. You will be transported to an authentic world where traditions are still alive and thriving.

The Allure of Matmata for Star Wars Fans

Matmata has gained international fame for its role in the Star Wars saga. The village was chosen as an iconic filming location, representing the planet Tatooine in the film. Explore the mythical sites, such as Luke Skywalker’s house, and relive the scenes from the movie that have left a lasting impact on popular imagination. Star Wars fans will be delighted to set foot on this legendary land.

Matmata is much more than just a Berber village. It is a place full of history, culture, and mystery that attracts visitors from around the world. By visiting Matmata, you will immerse yourself in fascinating architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and authentic Berber culture. Moreover, Star Wars enthusiasts will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the saga and explore famous filming locations. Don’t miss the chance to have a unique experience in Matmata during your stay in Djerba.