Explore the wild beauty of the lagoon by paddle and kayak

3 Hours

An unforgettable adventure for young and old!

The “Crossing the lagoon by stand-up paddle and kayak” excursion offered by the Kite Aventure club is an exciting, well-organized experience designed for families with young children aged 3 and over. Here’s a detailed overview of the steps involved in this immersive activity:

Preparation and equipment :

  • Before starting the tour, you’ll be asked to put on wetsuits or insulated shorts in winter and early spring. In summer, you can wear shorts, as the lagoon water is generally warm.
  • Kite Aventure instructors Zied and Hamza will help you prepare your paddles for the adventure.

Initiation and balance :

  • Once you’re in the water, your instructor will give you an introduction to balancing on your paddle.
  • You’ll learn paddling techniques and tricks for getting around on the water with ease.

Departure for the crossing :

  • Once everyone has mastered the paddle, the tour begins with a 1.7-2 km crossing to the other side of the lagoon.
  • The lagoon is safe, protected from the waves, and has a maximum depth of around 1 meter.

Discover the wild shore :

  • Accompanied by your instructor, you’ll reach a shoreline lined with small wild beaches, where you can watch flamingos sunning themselves in winter, as well as albatrosses and gulls gracing the skies.
  • This is a fragile area, so it’s essential to follow the instructor’s instructions so as not to disturb the birds and other species that take refuge on these unspoilt wild beaches, known as “Rass El Kastil“.

Respect for nature :

  • Throughout the excursion, it’s essential to be mindful of the surrounding nature, avoiding noise and shouting.
  • You can also contribute to preserving the environment by picking up litter found on beaches, derived from the Mediterranean. Your instructor will then take care of depositing them in a recycling container.

The party:

  • Once on the other side of the lagoon, you can ask to be served breakfast, fresh fruit juices and cocktails or even a barbecue, while enjoying the ambient music (on request in advance, not included in the price).
  • You can spend a full day by the sea, with additional activities on request (barbecue, tent, apero…).
  • The Kite Aventure club’s rescue boat will always be close by in case of need.

This excursion offers you the chance to experience an exciting stand-up paddle and kayak adventure, while discovering the natural beauty of the lagoon and contributing to the preservation of its ecosystem.

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The “Crossing the lagoon by stand-up paddle and kayak” excursion is an unforgettable activity offered by the Kite Aventure club. Suitable for families with young children aged 3 and over, this adventure combines discovery of the lagoon, stand-up paddle and kayaking, and preservation of the surrounding nature. Enjoy a day rich in emotions and discoveries, supervised by experienced instructors.


  • Excursion bookings are only confirmed once the weather forecast has been confirmed. We ensure the safety and comfort of our participants.
  • The payment can be made either by using the payment link we’ll send you once your booking has been confirmed, or on site during your activity. We accept payment by cash or card.
  • To book a cab to and from the club, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you organize your transport.
  • We also offer options for customizing your ride. If you have specific preferences or special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do our best to meet your needs and make your experience unique.

Please note that booking conditions may be subject to adjustments specific to the Kite Aventure club. We recommend that you contact them directly for precise, up-to-date information on how to book your tour.


Services included :

  • Introduction to stand-up paddle and kayak with experienced instructors.
  • Rental of all necessary equipment, including paddles, kayaks, wetsuits (in winter and early spring) or shorts.
  • Cross the lagoon in a stand-up paddle or kayak, accompanied by an instructor.
  • Discover wild beaches and observe local wildlife (flamingos, albatrosses, gulls, etc.).
  • Catering option with breakfast, fresh fruit juices and cocktails, and a seaside barbecue (activity on request, not included in price).
  • Rescue boat available if needed.

Services not included :

  • Transport to the excursion site.
  • Personal expenses during the excursion (on request).
  • Other meals or drinks not mentioned in the services included.

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