Exclusive Private boat in Djerba: The Freedom Experience with Captain Imrane

Destinations That Captivate the Imagination

1. The Flamingo Island: Ras R’mal
Embark on a dolphin quest and dive into the turquoise waters of Cap Ras R’mal. The day can end with a feast on a pirate boat or with a barbecue prepared by Imrane himself on a secluded beach, an adventure as delightful as it is thrilling.

2. The Alluring Beaches of La Seguiya and Lella Hadhriya
Sail towards stretches of crystal-clear water and enjoy the tranquility of pristine beaches. On land, indulge in the “Séguia” restaurant or opt for a sunny barbecue on the fine sand.

3.The Mystical Archipelago of Borg El Kastil
These wild islets, bathing in the flow during high tides, are a haven of fine sand and turquoise waters. Accessible only by boat, they are perfect for a private party or an overnight camping experience, enveloped by the wild beauty of nature.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Tailored for You
All excursions can be customized to your wishes and weather conditions. Easily book via WhatsApp or email and be assured with confirmation based on the most favorable forecasts.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

A Price Tailored to You
With rates starting at €60 per person, we offer a tailor-made adventure that adapts to the size of your group and your destination preferences.

Magical Moments for Two

Romance on the Water
Ideal for couples, our excursion is perfect for passionate declarations, marriage proposals, or wedding anniversaries. Immerse yourself in the magic of a sunset on a deserted beach or aboard the Freedom, with a glass of champagne in hand.

Seize the opportunity to experience an extraordinary day with Captain Imrane and the Freedom Speedboat. Contact Djerba Holiday for a personalized maritime adventure that will be etched in your memories. The island of Djerba awaits to reveal its hidden treasures and maritime tales.

Book your place in the sun today and set sail for adventure!

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