Tataouine Chenini Excursion and the Ksours: Discover the Berber Treasures of Southern Tunisia.

1 Day

An Immersive Journey Through Time.

Embark on an immersive journey in southern Tunisia with our captivating Tataouine Chenini tour. Dive into the Berber heritage, uncover the secrets of the ksours and picturesque villages, and explore the iconic scenes of Star Wars.

Stunning Discoveries:

Chahbania: Sparkle of the Salt Lake.

In the morning, follow the legendary Roman road and discover the shimmering splendor of Chahbania’s salt lake. Capture unforgettable memories from this picturesque location.

Tataouine: Local Colors and History.

In Tataouine, get captivated by the vibrant and authentic market. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere by exploring the bustling market, a true festival of colors and flavors.

Chenini: Timeless Berber Charm.

Your adventure will then lead you to Chenini, a Berber village nestled in the mountains. Alongside a local guide, delve into the history of the oil mill, the mosque, and the homes carved into the rock.

Culinary Escape: Local Delights

Savor an exceptional local meal, prepared with love, allowing you to taste the authentic flavors of Tunisia.

Ksar Hadada: A Step into the World of Star Wars.

Discover Ksar Hadada, a filming location for “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. Immerse yourself in the saga’s universe while appreciating the captivating architecture and mesmerizing history.

Return to Djerba: A Memorable Conclusion.

After a day of enriching adventures, return comfortably to Djerba in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Practical Information:

Streamlined Logistics:

The departure is set for 7:30 am, with pick-up from Djerba and Zarzis. Our multilingual guides (Arabic, French, English, German, Italian) ensure you have an enriching experience.

Guaranteed Comfort.

Enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned tourist vehicle, approved by the Tunisian Tourism Office. A minimum of 4 participants is required for the excursion.

Precautions and Comfort of the Tours.

Bring sunscreen and sunglasses to fully enjoy the bright sun. Choose sneakers, perfect for strolls in the Berber village.

Tunisian Cuisine and Customization

Tunisian cuisine is renowned for its spicy flavors. Let us know your culinary preferences and food allergies for a tailored experience.

Memories and Generosity.

Plan to bring some money for souvenir purchases or to show your appreciation to local craftsmen.

Refreshing Beverages.
Drinks are available for around 3 dinars (approximately 1 euro) on-site.

Book Your Adventure: Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the Berber soul of southern Tunisia with our Tataouine Chenini Excursion. Book now for a day filled with authentic discoveries and wonder.

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The Tataouine Chenini excursion invites you to a captivating immersion in the treasures of southern Tunisia. Explore the Ksours, Berber villages, and Star Wars filming locations with a day filled with unforgettable adventures. From the sparkling splendor of Chahbania’s salt lake to the bustling Tataouine market and the picturesque alleyways of Chenini, each step takes you on a journey through time and the culture of this fascinating region. Immerse yourself in the richness of Berber history, savor local cuisine, and uncover the secrets of iconic film sets. This excursion promises an authentic and discovery-rich experience, guided by our passionate and knowledgeable team.

Highlights of the Excursion

  • Explore the glistening Chahbania Salt Lake.
  • Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Tataouine market.
  • Explore the Berber village of Chenini with a local guide.
  • Visit the fortified Ksours of Southern Tunisia.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Star Wars at Ksar Hadada.
  • Savor a delicious local meal with authentic flavors.
  • Return to Djerba in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

To book this unforgettable excursion, you have two simple options. Send us an email or contact us via WhatsApp to share your preferences, and we will arrange everything according to your wishes. You can make the payment upon arrival in cash or by credit card. Don’t forget to inform us of your culinary preferences so that we can offer you a gastronomic experience that meets your expectations. We are here to guide you at every step of your booking and ensure that your journey is personalized and hassle-free.

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includes services :

  • Pick-up from your accommodation in Djerba or Zarzis.
  • Comfortable transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Multilingual guide (Arabic, French, English, German, Italian) for an enriching experience.
  • Guided tours of historical and cultural sites.
  • Delicious local meal for an authentic culinary experience.
  • Entrance fees to sites included in the itinerary.
  • Assistance and coordination provided by our team.
  • Excursion approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office.

Excludes services

  • Beverages and personal expenses.
  • Optional activities not specified in the itinerary.
  • Tips for the guide and driver (at your discretion).
  • Purchase of souvenirs or personal items.
  • Additional fees for camel or quad rides (if applicable).
  • Any other items not mentioned in the list of included services.

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