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Dream Holidays for Kitesurfing Enthusiasts.

Djerba, known for its constant winds and crystal-clear waters, is the ideal playground for kitesurfers. Our kitesurfing holidays in Djerba are designed to offer a complete experience, combining the excitement of the sport with the comfort of quality accommodation.

Kite Aventure: The Kitesurfing Club par Excellence in Djerba

Kite Aventure, a renowned kitesurfing and watersports club in Djerba, is run by Zied, a passionate and experienced IKO level 3 certified instructor. Since its creation in 2009, the club has established itself as a benchmark in Tunisia and France, thanks to its expertise and the quality of its teaching.

IKO Certification and Training Programs

The club is certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), guaranteeing high-quality teaching and optimum safety. Kitesurfing trainees benefit from professional supervision and receive their IKO diploma at the end of their autonomous course, a guarantee of their competence and autonomy in kitesurfing.

Stages de Perfectionnement et Nouvelles Expériences (Advanced Training and New Experiences)

In addition to initiation courses, Kite Aventure offers advanced training courses to suit all levels. Experienced kitesurfers can improve their technique and discover new facets of this exciting sport. The club also offers wingfoil courses, a fast-growing discipline that combines surfing and sailing for a unique experience on the water.

Nautical Activities and Island Adventures

Kite Aventure doesn’t stop at kitesurfing. The club provides kayaks and paddles for leisurely explorations of Djerba’s crystal-clear waters. Boat trips to wild beaches and islets are also organized, offering unforgettable escapades in the heart of the island’s unspoilt nature.

Yoga retreats and overnight camping

For a complete experience, Kite Aventure organizes yoga retreats and overnight camping. These activities allow visitors to connect with nature, relax and experience unique moments under the stars of Djerba.

In short, Kite Aventure is much more than just a kitesurfing club; it’s a water sports and leisure center that promises enriching and memorable experiences for all lovers of the sea and adventure.

Customized Kitesurfing Courses: Learn and Progress

Initiation to Kitesurfing: The Essentials of Getting Started (3 days, 6 hours)

This introductory course is ideal for beginners with a passion for kitesurfing. Over three days and six hours of training, you’ll be guided by experienced instructors to acquire fundamental skills in a safe and motivating environment.

  1. Preparing for practice on the water: Before taking to the water, you’ll learn how to check the wind direction and make sure there are no hazards. The use of a helmet and buoyancy aid will also be covered.
  2. Entering the water by piloting your kite: You’ll learn to fly the kite above the water and maintain its stability, constantly monitoring the environment.
  3. Relaunching the kite in the water: A crucial skill, where you’ll learn the techniques for relaunching the kite dropped in the water, using the lines and control bar effectively.
  4. Body-drag: This step will enable you to move through the water using the kite for traction, while maintaining proper body position.
  5. Water-start preparation and first try: You’ll be introduced to the water-start, the transition from water to board, learning how to position the body and board correctly.
  6. The first water-start: The long-awaited moment when you experience your first take-offs on the water and start gliding along the board.

In addition to these technical skills, you’ll also learn the rules of priority on the water, essential for safe and respectful practice. This course is designed to provide you with a solid and confident foundation to continue your journey into the exciting world of kitesurfing.

3 Days

Envie de vous initier au kitesurf dans un cadre idyllique ? Notre stage initiation à Djerba est conçu spécialement pour les débutants complets. Vous découvrirez les bases du kitesurf, apprendrez à piloter un cerf-volant, à maîtriser le matériel, et à réaliser vos premiers bords sur la planche. Avec nos moniteurs certifiés, vous progresserez à votre rythme tout en profitant des conditions optimales de vent et de soleil que Djerba offre. Rejoignez-nous pour une aventure palpitante dans le monde du kitesurf !

Perfectionnement en Kitesurf : Autonomie et Techniques Avancées (6 days, 12 hours)

The 6-day, 12-hour “Advanced Kitesurfing: Autonomy and Advanced Techniques” course is designed for kitesurfers who already have some experience. This course aims to improve and refine your kitesurfing skills, leading you towards greater autonomy in this exhilarating sport. Here are the key skills and techniques you will develop during this course:

  1. Navigate and Control: You’ll learn to navigate with ease, managing your speed effectively. This includes increasing or reducing speed and even stopping as required. You’ll practice these techniques in a variety of conditions to feel comfortable and in control on the water.
  2. Improving Board and Kite Control: Particular attention will be paid to how you control the board and kite. You’ll experiment with various positions and movements to understand how each change affects your navigation. This is crucial to safe and comfortable riding.
  3. Maintain and Change Direction: You’ll perfect your ability to maintain constant direction and change direction in a fluid, controlled manner. This is essential for navigating zones with other kiteboarders and exploring different areas of the water.
  4. Riding Upwind: A key kitesurfing skill, you’ll learn how to ride upwind effectively. This allows you to return to your starting point and navigate larger areas.
  5. Toeside turning: You’ll practice toeside turning, an advanced technique that allows you to change direction while riding on the opposite side of your board.
  6. Auto-Launch: You’ll learn self-launch, an important skill for autonomous kiteboarders, enabling you to launch your kite without the help of another person.

This course is designed to help you become an independent and confident kitesurfer, able to handle a variety of situations and weather conditions. You’ll leave this course with a thorough understanding of advanced kitesurfing techniques, ready to take on new challenges and enjoy this exciting sport to the full.

stage autonome de kitesurf
6 Days

Join our advanced kitesurfing course in Djerba and open the doors to autonomy as a kiteboarder. With our experienced team, a private spot and ideal conditions, you'll make rapid progress and master the techniques you need to kitesurf with confidence. Immerse yourself in an intensive 6-session daily training course, supervised by certified instructors, and develop your piloting, navigation and safety skills. Live a unique community experience by staying in our kitecamps or in our partners' accommodation. Book now and embark on this exciting adventure of autonomous kitesurfing in Djerba.

Accomodation Included: Comfort and Authenticity

AMWEJ Kitecamp: Immersion in Djerbian Culture

Located in vibrant Djerbahood, AMWEJ Kitecamp welcomes you in a traditional Djerbian house. Enjoy comfortable rooms and an included local breakfast for an authentic stay.

CoZi Coliving & Coworking : Modernity and Community

CoZi: The Perfect Harmony for Digital Nomads and Kitesurfing Enthusiasts

CoZi is the ideal oasis for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for the perfect combination of work, learning and leisure. Located on the picturesque island of Djerba, CoZi Coliving offers fully furnished private rooms in a shared living environment, where modernity meets community in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Optimal Workspace and Connectivity

With a dedicated workspace and unlimited access to the Internet and Wi-Fi, CoZi Coliving is the perfect place for those who want to stay productive while enjoying the island’s relaxed environment. Whether you’re working on a project, expanding your network or simply looking for an inspiring place for your creative pursuits, CoZi offers an environment conducive to achieving your professional goals.

A Dynamic Community and Authentic Local Life

When you join CoZi, you become part of a dynamic community of creators and entrepreneurs. It’s a place where you can share ideas, make connections and collaborate with like-minded people. You’ll live like a true Djerbian, immersing yourself in the local culture while enjoying the proximity of the beach and the island’s attractions.

Learning Kitesurfing and Leisure in Djerba

For kitesurfing enthusiasts, CoZi Coliving offers the perfect balance between work and pleasure. Just a few steps from the sea, you can easily indulge your passion for kitesurfing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kiteboarder, Djerba’s clear waters and constant winds are ideal for this exciting sport. After a day on the water, relax in the comfort of your CoZi accommodation or explore the many cultural and leisure activities the island has to offer.

Your Home Away From Home

Let CoZi Coliving be your home away from home. It’s a place where work, learning, culture and leisure come together harmoniously, offering you a unique living and working experience in Djerba. Whether you’re here for a few days or an extended stay, CoZi Coliving promises a rich and satisfying experience, making your stay in Djerba as productive as it is memorable.

A Complete Kitesurfing Adventure in Djerba included in your stay

Tour of the Island and Cultural Discoveries

Each week-long stay includes an excursion around Djerba, allowing you to explore its hidden gems and immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture.

Gastronomic Tour: Flavors of Djerba

Our all-inclusive stays include visits to hand-picked restaurants and bars, where you can sample Djerba’s exquisite local cuisine.

A day in Houmet Souk: Shopping and Heritage

Set off for a day of discovery in Houmet Souk, the vibrant heart of Djerba, for a shopping experience rich in culture and tradition.

Barbecue evenings at AMWEJ or CoZi or at Kite Aventure

Barbecue evenings are a great way to relax, share and make memories with other kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Your Tailor-Made Experience with Marwen and Zied

A Personalized Kitesurfing Stay in Djerba

Marwen, your local guide and kitesurfing expert, will ensure that your stay in Djerba is perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.

Book Your Kitesurfing Stay in Djerba

Adventure, Discovery, and Passion

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