Discover Djerba’s Agricultural Tradition: An Immersive Adventure in Olive Harvesting

A Unique Cultural Escape: Immerse Yourself in Olive Harvesting in Djerba with Djerba Holiday

A Must-Have Djerbian Experience

Dreaming of a true cultural immersion in Djerba? Look no further! Djerba Holiday opens the doors to an authentic adventure: olive harvesting in Djerba. Dive into the rich agricultural heritage of this Mediterranean island and learn ancient harvesting techniques from a local family.

Seasonality & Climate: The Perfect Time for a Djerbian Getaway

This experience is only available from November 1st to January 15th, in perfect harmony with Djerba’s mild Mediterranean climate. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to connect with the land and traditions of Djerba.

The Adventure Begins: From the Heart of the Village to the Lush Fields

Start this unforgettable day by climbing aboard an authentic Djerbian horse or donkey-drawn cart. Feel the pleasant breeze as you make your way to the expansive olive fields, ready for a manual harvest using ancient methods.

Delicious Moments: Celebrating Djerba’s Gastronomy

A traditional Djerbian meal awaits you, prepared from local produce and cooked over a wood fire. The highlight of this cuisine is undoubtedly the “bsissa,” an original preparation made with freshly pressed olive oil and succulent Djerba dates.

Liquid Souvenir: Your Own Olive Oil

What better way to commemorate this day than by leaving with your own bottle of cold-pressed, flavor-rich olive oil?

Packages & Options: Customize Your Immersive Stay

Luxurious Stays: The Choice is Yours

Embark on an all-inclusive week and choose the accommodation that suits you: a luxury villa with a swimming pool or a coworking/coliving space tailored for digital nomads in search of productivity.

Djerba Holiday Activity Portfolio: Beyond Harvesting

In addition to this harvesting experience, your stay gives you access to a wide range of activities and excursions, from kitesurfing to sea cruises and desert trips. Special Bonus: A complimentary kayak outing is included!

Flexibility & Adaptability: A La Carte Olive Harvesting

We also offer more flexible options for those who wish to incorporate this unique activity into a shorter stay in Djerba.

Escape to Djerba with Our Exclusive Packages: From Authenticity to Luxurious Getaway

Experience the Cultural Richness of Djerba in Mezraya

Discovery Package in Mezraya: A Day of Authenticity for Only 20€!

Immerse Yourself in the Heartbeat of Djerba with a Full Day of Olive Picking at a Local Family’s Home in Mezraya. Savor a Traditional Dinner and Taste Djerba’s Famous “Bsissa” Made with Dates. Special Offer: Book for 3 Days at Just €50! Additionally, children under 12 are our guests and participate for free.

Immersive Plus Experience: The Ultimate Djerbian Day for Just €50

Choose an all-in-one experience that includes a camel ride to the olive fields, followed by a sunset outing of your choice—be it by camel, horse, carriage, or quad bike. As a bonus, enjoy a hands-on camel milking experience at a local farm.

Total Immersion Package: Three Days of Adventure for Only 120€

This ultimate package offers you three days of unparalleled exploration. Discover a new circuit each day, including UNESCO-listed landmarks and traditional Djerbian “houches” in Mezraya, Ghizen, Sedghiane, Awled Amor, and beyond.

The Quintessence of Djerba in One Week: The Djerbian Escape Package

For a complete escape, our package at 980€ for two people (or 1470€ for a couple with one child) is the epitome of luxury and authenticity. The second child participates for free.

Choice of Premium Accommodations:

  • Luxury Villa with Swimming Pool
  • Cozi Space, Perfect for Digital Nomads
  • Amwej Kitecamp
  • Charming Boutique Hotel

For a tailored stay, contact Marwen. He will guide you to the best accommodations and negotiate the most attractive rates for you.

Essential Bonuses:

  • 10% Discount on All Activities, Excursions, and Boat Trips from Djerba Holiday
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers and to the Olive Farm
  • Six Unique Excursions Tailored to Your Preferences
  • Visit to a Camel Farm with Camel Milk Tasting
  • Tours of Traditional Oil Mills and Olive Oil Tasting Upon Request

You will be guided by Marwen and his team of professionals for a stay rich in discoveries and adventures.

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