Practical guide to an unforgettable vacation in Djerba

que faire a djerba, les meuilleurs adresses

Welcome to Djerba, an enchanting island in the heart of the Mediterranean. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful Tunisian destination, we’re here to help make your stay as memorable as possible. In this article, we’ll share some practical tips and tricks to help you plan your vacation in Djerba. Information on means of transport, SIM cards for the internet, lively markets and much more await you. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments in this jewel of Tunisia.

Optimal connectivity for your stay in Djerba :

Staying connected is essential for sharing your adventures, keeping in touch with loved ones and accessing the information you need to explore Djerba. Get an Orange SIM card at the airport store for a limitless online experience. Take advantage of a generous 25GB 4G data package for just 30 Dinars (approx. €10) and share your memories, stay connected and browse in peace.

(Note: Please note that the information provided on prices and SIM card offers may vary. It’s always best to check the latest information when you travel).

Djerba airport transfer: Find your ideal means of transport

When you arrive at Djerba airport, you have a choice of three transfer options to reach your destination:

Cabs: A convenient and affordable way from the airport

Cabs: Taxis are available in front of the airport and use a meter to calculate the fare according to distance. However, some cabs may charge an illegal flat rate of €10 or €15. We recommend that you request a meter transfer to avoid excessive charges. In general, transfers to the tourist area or Midoun cost a maximum of €10. Waiting and baggage charges are extra.

Tourist cabs: Group travel in style in Djerba

Tourist cabs: These air-conditioned vans can accommodate up to 8 people, making them an ideal choice for large families and groups. You can book your tourist cab transfer by contacting us on Djerba Holiday. The driver will be waiting for you on arrival. Tourist cabs are also ideal for discovering the island with a group or family.

VIP transfer: the elegance of a trip in a private car to Djerba

If you want to travel in style and comfort, we can also help you book a luxurious private car for your transfers. Please contact us for availability.

Whichever choice you make for your Djerba airport transfer, our aim is to provide you with a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. Make the most of every moment of your trip and create precious memories in this Tunisian paradise. Enjoy your stay in Djerba!

A lodging paradise for all tastes

Hotels: A Plethora of Beachfront Options

Discover over 100 hotels in Djerba, offering prime beachfront locations. 2 to 5 star establishments await you, with the best offers from tour operators and airlines in flight and hotel packages. Stay tuned for our hotel comparator soon available on Djerba Holiday to make your choice easier. Contact us free of charge for personalized help in selecting your hotel.

Vacation Villas: Family or Friend Escape

Enjoy total privacy in the many vacation villas scattered throughout Djerba. Available on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking and BnB Tunisia, you’ll find a wide range of villas with or without swimming pools, combining typical architecture and modernity. The village of Tezdaiine, to the east of the island, is home to the largest concentration of vacation villas, offering breathtaking views over Djerba’s blue lagoon. Contact us for help in choosing your vacation villa.

Chambres d’Hôte: An authentic home-away-from-home welcome

Enjoy a luxurious home-away-from-home experience with a bed and breakfast in Djerba. Several establishments offer packages including breakfast, dinner, authentic experiences, yoga sessions and even ranch accommodation with horseback riding. Don’t miss the artistic village of DjerbaHood, where typical old Djerbian houses have been renovated and transformed into guest rooms. Contact us and we’ll guide you to the bed and breakfast that’s right for you.

Cozi: The Perfect Alliance between Work and Vacation

For digital nomads, Cozi offers coliving space in a coworking environment ideally located just 800 meters from the beach. With desks and high-speed internet access, you can work while you enjoy your vacation. When you stay at Cozi Coliving Space, you’ll also have free access to Cozi’s two coworking spaces, located in the tourist area and at the Houmt Souk marina. Contact us to benefit from a special price as a partner of Djerba Holiday, as well as a discount on all activities.

Amwej: The Kite Camp for Kitesurfing Enthusiasts

Located in the heart of DjerbaHood, Amwej is a typical accommodation created by the kitesurfing club Kite Aventure in collaboration with Djerba Holiday. This kite camp can accommodate up to 10 people and offers kitesurfing courses. With its suites, family room and friendly atmosphere, you’ll discover Djerbian traditions during unusual visits and water sports activities. Yoga sessions are also available at Amwej. Contact us for more information on rates and booking options.

Let yourself be seduced by the wide range of accommodation options in Djerba and choose the one that perfectly matches your expectations. Make the most of your stay in this Tunisian paradise and create unforgettable memories.

Currency exchange in Djerba: Where and how to get Tunisian dinars

When traveling to Djerba, it’s important to know where and how to change your money into local currency. Exchange rates fluctuate daily, but don’t worry, we have all the information you need to get the best exchange rate for your stay.

At the airport, you can go to the banks’ exchange counters to carry out your transaction. Exchange offices in the tourist area, as well as in the towns of Houmt Souk and Midoun, are also convenient options for changing your money. You can also ask at your hotel reception, as many establishments also offer currency exchange services.

It’s worth noting that service providers, cabs and shops generally accept euros and dollars, but at a slightly lower exchange rate to avoid currency risks. However, it is always preferable to have local currency on hand for small expenses.

What’s more, for added convenience, you’ll find ATMs in towns and tourist areas, as well as in some hotels. This will give you easy access to cash as and when you need it.

On our Djerba Holiday website, you can pay directly by card, and our activity prices are automatically updated according to the daily exchange rate. We accept all credit cards, regardless of currency, as well as crypto-currencies.

Feel free to compare exchange rates and choose the most advantageous option for you. Make the most of your stay in Djerba by making sure you get the best possible exchange rate.

NB: Please note that exchange rates may vary, so it is advisable to check the latest information when making your transaction.

What to eat in Djerba Djerbian Cuisine, A Fusion of Exquisite Flavors

The Culinary Delights of Djerba: An Invitation to Explore Flavours

Discover the richness and diversity of Djerbian cuisine, a harmonious blend of Mediterranean, Berber, Oriental and Western influences. From street food to local specialties and à la carte restaurants, Djerba offers a unique gastronomic experience that will delight your taste buds.

Street Food: An Explosion of Flavours in Every Bite

  • Brik à l’Œuf: A crisp, savory puff pastry topped with a mixture of egg, tuna, capers and spices, all fried to perfection.
  • Fricassees: Soft rolls stuffed with fresh salad, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, olives and harissa, a real explosion of flavors.
  • Tunisian salad: A refreshing blend of juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, red onions, olives and olive oil, served with crusty bread.
  • Mechouia: A typically Djerbian salad with roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions and spices, offering an explosion of colors and flavors.

Djerbian and Mediterranean cuisine: A feast for the senses

  • Couscous au Poisson: An emblematic Djerba dish, combining fine semolina, fresh vegetables and delicately simmered fish, all topped with aromatic spices.
  • Djerbien Rice: A fragrant delight made from rice cooked with vegetables, spices and dried fruit, creating an explosion of flavours in every bite.
  • Mloukhia: A stew based on kitchen garden leaves, meat and spices, offering a unique taste experience and a deliciously velvety texture.
  • Seafood Ojja : A generous blend of shrimp, calamari, mussels and tomatoes, simmered with spices and fresh herbs, offering a festival of marine flavors.

Grilled fish and seafood: Coastal freshness to savour

  • Chez Adel at Restaurant Sidi Ali: Enjoy freshly caught fish and grilled shrimp, prepared with care and served with tasty accompaniments, in an idyllic seaside setting.
  • Pirate Day: An Adventure at Sea and a Feast of Flavors: On this unforgettable excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to sample grilled fish dishes, fish pasta and couscous, as well as grilled seafood menus featuring calamari, octopus, crabs, shrimp and much more. Let yourself be seduced by the delights of the sea prepared on board by our talented chefs. You’ll also have the chance to try our famous stuffed calamari dishes, which will delight your taste buds with their subtle blend of flavors.

A la Carte Restaurants: A Gourmet Journey through East and West

  • Midoun and Houmt Souk: Discover a variety of à la carte restaurants offering Oriental and Western dishes, from Tunisian specialties to international delights. Let yourself be seduced by the culinary diversity and creativity of local chefs.

Restaurant Essofra: Immerse yourself in authentic Djerbian flavors at Essofra, a family-run restaurant in Houmt Souk. Enjoy typical dishes such as fish couscous, Djerbian rice and mloukhia, prepared with passion and skill by local chefs. Enjoy an authentic culinary experience in a warm, traditional setting. Note: Essofra does not serve alcohol, but offers a selection of refreshing local drinks.

Djerba is a culinary paradise where every dish tells a story, and every bite takes you on a journey of flavors. From tasty street food to a la carte restaurants offering a fusion of Eastern and Western flavors, to the delights of Djerbian cuisine, let yourself be seduced by this unique and unforgettable taste experience during your visit to Djerba.

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